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    The food plant sanitation process has become more complicated in recent decades. Technology does not stand still, and modern processing methods have completely changed. The new supply chain and international standard dictate new formats for quality assurance and overall safety.

     Food safety issues are a pressing problem in modern society. New terms of delivery of products, an increase in the number of suppliers, and delicate ingredients inevitably lead to higher quality standards. Food plant sanitation is essential in the food industry.

     If the company does not adhere to cleaning methods or the correct approaches to working with food, then low quality is guaranteed. Incorrect cleaning methods directly affect the finished product and may cause the recall of the entire batch of goods. That is why General INC a unique base for serving the food industry company. Our company has developed a whole process of cleaning various food plants to improve the quality of the production process.

     We are working to implement exceptional quality standards in any enterprise. We train companies and provide labor to improve cleaning processes, SQF Program, and HACCP principles. We are fully certified and the company that works in the field of cleaning the food industry and provides unique developments that will help any company to reach a radically new level.

Our standards are in line with the global trend and will allow you to improve the quality of your production several times.

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Our company offers the best solution for your company, so you can increase your productivity and create competitive prices for your products. Here are our services that every client will like:
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We guarantee the perfect cleanliness of your workspace and any production line. Our experts will improve the work of a company of any size.

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Our innovative cleaning technologies will help you increase the efficiency of your production and reduce the costs associated with possible malfunctions.

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Our professional cleaning specialists will help your company solve the problems associated with the meat and poultry production workshop. Now all your equipment lines will be able to work efficiently and without problems.

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