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Quality maintenance of production lines is always important for the food industry. No matter what business niche you occupy, you should always monitor the quality of equipment in order to achieve the maximum success of your company.

Any commercial food processing equipment is subject to wear, pollution, and depreciation. To maintain the quality of your business at the proper level, you need to ensure the smooth operation of all the technical aspects of your enterprise. The correct functioning and the absence of a failure guarantee you a minimal risk exposure and no losses. That is why professional commercial cleaning service is an integral aspect of every enterprise. Of course, you can save a lot of money and structure the work of your entire enterprise if you delegate the responsibilities of a third-party company. It will help you concentrate on the main activities of your business.

As a market leader, General INC works to provide the best commercial cleaning standards throughout the Continental United States. We know how to solve the problem of the pollution of industrial enterprises correctly and are ready to provide innovative cleaning procedures and staff training.

We can minimize your risks and mitigate the effects of pollution and extend the life of all your equipment. Our company uses the HACCP principles and the SQF Program. It is what helps us to provide the highest service and affordable prices for each company.

Full-service solutionsfor industrial sanitation

Our company offers the best solution for your company, so you can increase your productivity and create competitive prices for your products. Here are our services that every client will like:
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We guarantee the perfect cleanliness of your workspace and any production line. Our experts will improve the work of a company of any size.

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Wet vs. Dry

Our innovative cleaning technologies will help you increase the efficiency of your production and reduce the costs associated with possible malfunctions.

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Our professional cleaning specialists will help your company solve the problems associated with the meat and poultry production workshop. Now all your equipment lines will be able to work efficiently and without problems.

The Best Experience for Any User

Our company has been working in this field for more than 15 years and has established itself as a leader in world standards for cleaning industrial enterprises. We use advanced cleaning technologies of food industry enterprises and train staff in a special course that helps to adhere to all aspects of integrated cleaning. Now your company can be in good hands.

Throughout the entire period of operation, our team worked to select the best detergents and technical methods for cleaning any surface. Thanks to our experience, you can count on the quick cleaning and restoration of all the production capacities of your food enterprise. If you are looking for professionals in the field of cleaning, then we are ready to help you.

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